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Inquire. Investigate. Explore.

Are you looking for a different approach to learning for your child? One which provides your child with more opportunities for hands-on learning, exploration, and creativity? Check out our newest offering at Kinosayo (Keenooshayo) Elementary School. We are building on the success of this popular program at William D. Cuts Junior High School by offering it to our younger students, allowing them to learn in this environment all the way from Kindergarten through junior high.

program photos

What’s so different about this approach? We deliver the same curriculum as the rest of our schools – the difference lies in how we deliver it, in a child-led learning environment. This is built around the following key features:

  • Play-based programming for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students
  • Guided inquiry for students in subsequent grades
  • Project-based and hands-on learning – students explore and problem solve as they develop critical-thinking skills
  • Multi-grade classrooms
  • Cross-grade mentorship and collaboration
  • High parental involvement
  • Nature and outdoor learning opportunities
  • Students can enter the program at any of the grade levels offered
  • All students are welcome – there are no entrance requirements

Offered at: 

Kinosayo (Keenoshayo) Elementary School
40 Woodlands Road
[email protected]

William D. Cuts Junior High School
149 Larose Drive
[email protected]
St. Albert Public Schools