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Curriculum Update

Summary of teacher/staff and community engagement consultations

Update: December 10, 2021

During recent months, we asked for feedback from our staff and our community about the draft curriculum -- on both the content and the timing of the implementation. Please click here to read the information our Board of Trustees shared with the Minister of Education, in which they summarized this information, reiterated our concerns and asked once again for a revamp of the draft, and a change to the implementation/rollout date. 

Review of the draft curriculum

Our Curricular Services team reviewed each of the five core subject areas in the 2021 draft curricula. The team analyzed each subject using the originally released documents to determine:

  • To what extent is the content age- and developmentally-appropriate for every learner?
  • To what extent do the Knowledge and the Skills and Procedures support the development of the conceptual understandings of the discipline?
  • To what extent do the verbs (what students are being asked to do) represent a range of activities and cognitive levels?
  • To what extent is there a logical scope and sequence and scaffolded complexity between grade levels?

This document represents an overview of the analysis and can be accessed by clicking on this link. In the fall, Curricular Services will bring together committees of division teachers to provide a more detailed, grade by grade review with the intention of using the information to provide feedback to Alberta Education and to plan for implementation.

Update, April 27, 2021

Our Board of Trustees sent a letter to the Minister of Education on April 26 outlining in more detail our concerns with the draft K-6 curriculum, and asking that she postpone the pilot phase (scheduled for this fall) and instead use next school year to gather feedback, review and significantly revise the draft, scheduling the pilot period for the following year. 
Alberta Education has developed a draft new curriculum. While we need time to review this information with our staff, we have decided that St. Albert Public Schools will not participate in the pilot project to implement the curriculum in the 2021-2022 school year. We have many concerns about the draft curriculum, as expressed in a letter from our Board of Trustees to the Minister of Education (in January, 2021, in response to the release of the Guiding Framework), and we have heard from several of our staff and parents who expressed many of these same concerns. The timeline of this pilot project is also of concern, as we are still dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. Implementing a new curriculum takes tremendous time and resources, and we don't feel it's in the best interests of our students and staff to take on this additional challenge at this time.
However, we will be reviewing the draft curriculum in-depth and submitting feedback to Alberta Education after this review. We encourage parents and stakeholders to do so as well. You can review the curriculum here, and provide feedback to Alberta Education here
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