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Back to School Information 2022-2023

When do classes begin?

Kindergarten: Staggered entry is August 31, September 1 & September 2. Regular classes and busing begin September 6.
Grades 1-9: Staggered entry is August 31 & September 1. Regular classes begin September 2. Busing begins August 31.
High school: August 31. Busing begins August 31.

What programs are available?

English Programs

Elementary Grades  Junior High Grades Grades 10-12
Elmer S. Gish (K to Gr. 9) Hillgrove (Gr. 5-9) Bellerose
Hillgrove (Gr. 5-9)  Joseph M. Demko (K to Gr. 9) Outreach 
Joseph M. Demko (K to Gr. 9) Lorne Akins (Gr. 7-9) Paul Kane
Keenooshayo (K to Gr. 6) William D. Cuts (Gr. 7-9)

Leo Nickerson (K to Gr. 6)

Lois E. Hole (K to Gr. 6)
Muriel Martin (K to Gr. 6)
Ronald Harvey (K to Gr. 6)
Sir Alexander Mackenzie (K to Gr. 6)
Wild Rose (K to Gr. 4)


Grades K-6 Grades 7-9 Grades 10-12
Leo Nickerson Hillgrove              Paul Kane
Lois E. Hole
Muriel Martin


Grades 7-9

Logos Christian

Grades K-9  
Joseph M. Demko 


Grades K-9
Elmer S. Gish

Advanced Placement

Grade 10-12
Paul Kane


Grades 10-12
Bellerose Composite

If you have a child with inclusive education needs, please contact Student Services at 780.460.3712.

When and where should we register?

Kindergarten to Grade 9

Students who have not pre-registered may register at the school they will be attending after August 24. Please telephone the school for registration and/or orientation times.

High School

Please check the Bellerose website or check the Paul Kane website for startup information. New Outreach students who have not pre-registered are invited to call Outreach at 780.458.0839 after August 24 to book an appointment with the principal or counsellor.

What about transportation?

Bus passes are available online.

Students requiring special transportation arrangements, such as parent-provided inclusive education transportation, should contact Transportation Services for more information.

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