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Hockey Academy

2023-2024 Registration

Registration for is now open.

Grades 4-9: register here
High school: register here 

New for 2023-2024 - Earn credits in high school playing the game you love

High school information package

The popularity of our Hockey Academy has grown and we are thrilled to be welcoming high school students to the academy for the 2023-2024 school year. Earn high school credits while honing your skills!

The focus of this 5-credit course is to develop players both physically and mentally for the game of hockey. During on-ice sessions, student-athletes will work on the fundamentals of the game of hockey while being pushed to advance their skills in specific ways to each individual. On the off-ice days with the Academy, we will focus on mental skills training, game analysis, and listen to guest speakers to prepare for the game at the highest levels. Student-athletes will be on the ice two days per week & one off-ice day per week with their academy cohort. The other two days will be site-based at school. 

A monthly fee will apply.

Please note that this Academy Hockey Program will run in the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

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Mike Fiorillo, Coordinator
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Current Students

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New Students


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Our Mission

Priority #1

Development. This is in the form of personal growth and development, hockey development and educational development. We want each student-athlete to grow in terms of being responsible and accepting one’s own level of accountability, to improve each student’s individual skill and talent level, as well as their understanding of the game, and to achieve academic success in the classroom.

Priority #2

Commitment to the sport of hockey and to the Academy hockey program. To provide the best environment for the improvement of on-ice hockey skills, a high level of commitment and dedication, focusing on excellence and execution, must be made by each student-athlete. The objective is to see improvement in each individual’s own hockey skills and talents.

Priority #3

There must be a certain level of enjoyment and satisfaction for each student-athlete. This clearly translates into everyone having “fun”. It is important to remember that, for how important we think this sport of hockey is to us – it still remains a game, of which we are privileged to be a part.

Priority #4

Image. It must be seen as a privilege to participate in this hockey academy – not an entitlement. This is a unique opportunity and expectations are to put forth a positive student-athlete image - in the school, in the community, at the facilities we use, and with the student’s club team. Image considerations are: character, pride, discipline and work ethic.

There is a difference between having Character and being a Character; and we must know that difference, and when each may be appropriate.


Grades 4-6

Ronald Harvey
15 Langley Avenue
St. Albert, AB T8N 1S4
[email protected]

Lois E. Hole 
Available to French Immersion students and English students living in Erin Ridge. 
120 Everitt Drive North
St. Albert, AB T8N 7R6
[email protected]

Grades 7-9

William D. Cuts
149 Larose Drive
St. Albert, AB T8N 2X7
[email protected]

Available to French Immersion students only 
50 Grosvenor Boulevard
St. Albert, AB T8N 0X6
[email protected]

Grades 10-12

49 Giroux Road
St. Albert, AB  T8N 6N4
[email protected]

Paul Kane
12 Cunningham Road
St. Albert, AB  T8N 2E9
[email protected]
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