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COVID 2022-23

WELCOME BACK! We are so excited to have your children with us for this new school year. We know many of you are wondering what this year will look like regarding COVID. As always, your children’s wellbeing is a top priority and we will continue to take steps to help protect our students and staff.

What we’re doing

Hand Sanitizer Icon   Cleaning and sanitizing measures remain in place, such as hand sanitizing stations, cleaning protocols including high-touch surfaces, and the use of Merv 13 air filters where possible.
COVID Mask Icon   Disposable masks are available in all of our schools for anyone who requests one.
COVID Test Icon   We have a limited supply of rapid tests in every school, available upon parent request. 
Sick Child Icon   We’ll follow Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education guidelines regarding COVID. If more than 10% of a class or school reports illness, we will report it to AHS who will then advise on any further steps, and we will notify affected families.

How you can help

  • Please let your school know if there is a confirmed case of COVID in your family.
  • Please keep sick children at home, following AHS guidelines if they test positive for COVID (the current recommendation is to stay home at least five days after testing positive or until symptoms have improved).

We will continue to monitor the COVID situation and take any appropriate additional steps as required. We know that, working together with families, we will all do what we can to keep our schools safe and our students healthy.

For more information: Alberta Health Services
St. Albert Public Schools