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Update April 28, 2021

The following letter was sent home to families:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are heading for the home stretch - the last eight weeks of school. First of all, we want to thank you for all of your support this year. You have reinforced mask use, hand-washing and physical distancing with your children. You have monitored your children and kept them home if they presented with symptoms. You have graciously picked them up when we call if they are symptomatic or they are a close contact. And you have kept us informed of COVID-19 test results, lift dates and conversations with 811 and Alberta Health. You did all of this while championing your children's learning and supporting school staff as they worked tremendously hard to keep your children safe and progressing in their learning.

And we need your help to finish the school year off strong. We hope to keep our students in school as we head toward the finish line. With the rising cases and the infectiousness of the variant strains, we need to be extra vigilant during these last eight weeks. We will be reinforcing mask use, physical distancing and hand-washing for grades 4-12. We are also asking for your support in increasing mask use in our kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms. We will be providing reusable and disposable masks for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. We need to minimize the risk of in-school transmission and we know that mask use is one of the best strategies to limit in-person transmission. With increased mask use, our staff will continue to plan for mask breaks and get our students outside more as the weather warms. If you have questions, your first point of contact is your school administration.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work together in this final push for an in-school year end!

Krimsen Sumners
Superintendent of Schools
Marianne Barrett, Ph.D.
Deputy Superintendent

Screening tool

We expect that only healthy students and staff will come to school each day. Before coming to school each day, all staff and students must complete the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 Information Screening Questionnaire to determine whether they can attend or must stay home. The self-screening questionnaire is available in multiple languages.

Pre-existing conditions

If your child has a pre-existing medical condition that causes symptoms that appear on the Daily Screening Questionnaire, please follow the following procedure:

  • If your child is not presenting with symptoms, please send them to school.
  • The first time in the school year that your child presents symptoms of COVID-19 due to the pre-existing health condition, please call 811 and have a COVID-19 test administered for your child if Alberta Health directs you to do so. A negative result confirms that the baseline symptoms of the pre-existing health condition are not COVID-19 related.
  • Upon receipt of the negative result, complete the form provided by your child's school to communicate this information to the school. With this documentation on file, the school will be able to allow your child to attend school even with these symptoms present.
  • If your child had a COVID-19 test during the summer when symptoms were present, you do not need to repeat this step, and can submit the form to the school at this time.
  • You do not require a note from your doctor regarding the pre-existing health condition, but the condition should have been previously diagnosed by your doctor.

Alberta Health Services Resources

Guidance for Parents of Children Attending School and/or Childcare

How long to stay home from school

Updated Guidance for School Re-Entry - Scenario 1
Key updates include:

  • Cohorts – clarifies that teachers/staff should not be in a cohort with each other, unless it is required for operational purposes (i.e., a teacher and a teacher’s assistant who work with the same classroom cohort)
  • In-Person Learning – Provides guidance for off-site activities (field trips), singing and music
  • Auxiliary Spaces – Provides guidance for extracurricular activities and sports cohorts

Map: AHS has  developed an interactive map that shows active COVID-19 cases in schools. Click here to access this map.

Student illness: if a student has COVID-19 symptoms

Provincial government scenarios

1. In-school classes resume (near normal with health measures) 2. In-school classes partially resume (with additional health measures) 3. At-home learning continues (in-school classes are suspended/cancelled) On July 21, 2020 the government indicated their plan is to return to school in the fall under Scenario 1. Please be aware that deciding which scenario to enact is a government decision, not a school division decision, and we could be directed by the government to switch among these scenarios during the school year with very little notice. Our planning includes strategies which will allow us to switch scenarios rapidly and as with as little disruption as possible.

Provincial government resources

Provincial government return to school info  Scenario 1 Guidance
Implementing School Re-entry Guidance
Outbreak Guidance
School Resources
St. Albert Public Schools