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Paul Kane Redevelopment

Why do we need a new high school?

We've seen record-setting enrollment growth in St. Albert Public elementary schools over the last several years. Soon, these students will reach high school. A replacement 1,500-student Paul Kane High School will add about 300 much-needed student spaces to the division.


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Our plan to make room in our high schools in the next few years includes:
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Build a new, expanded high school to replace Paul Kane   Build a third high school    Modernize and expand Bellerose Composite High

Why not renovate the existing building?

  • Paul Kane opened in 1973, and modernizing older buildings is often costly, with unpredictable issues. It is less expensive and quicker to build from scratch.
  • It's difficult and disruptive to teach and learn in a busy school under construction. And because our schools are so full, we don't have space to move students during renovations.
  • We are fortunate to have enough land beside the existing school where we can build a new one.

Features of the new school

  • a completely barrier-free, accessible design throughout the building and grounds
  • "green" features like:
    • LEED Silver certification
    • electric vehicle charging stations
    • efficient systems that use 43% less water and 40% less energy than the existing building
    • sustainable building materials
    • a built-in recycling centre
    • a student-initiated environmental learning program
    • solar panels that provide much of the energy for the building, and generate power that goes back into the local grid

    Paul Kane interior photos
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