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Robert Rundle and Wild Rose Grade Reconfiguration

Effective the 2020-2021 school year, the grade configurations for Robert Rundle and Wild Rose will change. Wild Rose will offer Kindergarten to Grade 3 programming, and Robert Rundle will offer Grade 4 to 6 programming.


St. Albert Public Schools is a growing school division, however, we have pockets of underutilized space. As a very full school division, closing any of our schools is not a consideration, however, we need to use all of our facilities efficiently. The Grandin area presents a unique situation, as we have two small elementary schools situated closely together in an older area of the city that isn't experiencing the rapid growth in young families that newer areas are undergoing. This has an impact on enrollment in both Robert Rundle and Wild Rose.

Without these changes to grade configurations, both schools would have been facing large split-grade classes in the future, as well as inefficient use of space. The reconfiguration will allow the schools to offer more single-grade classes and create collaboration among similar-grade teachers that would not exist in the current configuration. 

School start and end times

There will be no changes to either school's start or end times. 8:50 am entry bells and 3:30 pm dismissal times will remain.

Bus service between schools

We will be registering and issuing bus passes to students who will require shuttling between the two schools (for example, siblings that would walk to one school together, then some would require transportation to the second school to avoid walking alone). Under our current contract with our bus providers, we are able to provide this service for free next year. Please note this service between the two schools is different from the regular yellow bus system for which parents must pay and register as usual. 

Before-and-after school care

SIGIS has indicated they will offer before-and-after school care at both schools. Please contact them directly at 780.460.1024 if interested. 

For more information

Please contact Robert Rundle principal Cory Albrecht (780.459.4475) or Wild Rose principal Derek Herman (780.460.3737). 

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