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Policies Under Review


1st Public Board Meeting - Month 1 4th Week - Month 1 4th Week of Month 1 to 2nd Week of Month 3 1st Public Board after Stakeholder Input 1st Public Board
after Direction to Prepare Final Draft
  Board Instruction
Board directs administration to prepare first draft of the new or revised policy for stakeholder input
Distribution to Stakeholders
First draft is distributed to stakeholders and they are invited to discuss draft at COSC or ATA /CUPE Liaison meetings or to provide written input

6 Weeks

Public Board
Board discusses input from stakeholders and provides direction to prepare final draft OR first public board after additional input (3 weeks)

Public Board
Final draft is recommended to the board for adoption

January 2020 January 22
  • B-170, School Year
  • E-140, Field Trips
January 29 January 30-March 5 March 11
April 8
February 2020 February 26
February 26
February 27-April 9
May 13
June 17
March 2020 March 11
March 25
March 26-May 7
May 13
June 17
To receive a copy of the draft policy being distributed for stakeholder input, please contact Human Resources at 780.460.3712.
St. Albert Public Schools