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John Carle

John Carle

John Carle, Trustee Candidate

I see it as the role of the Trustees to support the teachers and parents who nurture our children. 

I am the father of 4 students in St. Albert Public schools, including a son with special needs at Bellerose High. As such I've looked very closely at the programs and services available in the schools. Their care and education are obviously important to me, and I am proud of the work our schools do to support our children.

We are in a critical time for our children, our parents, and our education teams. Covid isn't going away, the provincial curriculum is in question, and extremism is becoming a societal issue we must address. All of this is impacting the mental health of our students, our staff & teachers, and also our parents.

We need to work together, support each other, and keep communication open for everyone.

We need a thoughtful and adaptable plan to deal with what our schools & students are facing today and what they might face in the coming years. Applying my mindset that the Trustees' role is to support the teachers who nurture our children, I believe that we can do better in supporting both teachers and students. We can work with the teachers, who know best what they need to help our children, to source and develop the resources they need.

Families move to St. Albert for our excellent schools, and St. Albert Public is a top-notch school board that attracts the most talented of teachers who want to implement the best services and programs for their students. With a board of trustees supporting that goal, I believe that we can have a very positive influence on our children and their futures. 
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