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John Allen

John Allen, Trustee Candidate

I Believe in Public Schools

Both of my parents were educators. My father was a public school principal for 38 years, and my mother worked as a substitute teacher all through my childhood.

I have worked for public school divisions at both the start and end of my professional career. I look forward to this opportunity to continue working and advocating for public schools.

I Believe in St. Albert Public Schools

I'm a proud parent of two St. Albert Public Schools students.

I believe in their teachers, their school administrators and their support staff. I have seen the hard work that they all do for all of our children.

I Believe in Technology

I am a technologist, through and through. I believe in tools and training. Any technology is only as good as it is transparent — a window through which ideas pass.

Technology is inescapable, and it's important to apply technology effectively, to use it and to teach our kids to use it in ways that are innovative and engaging.

I Believe in Kids

Children are amazing. For a dozen years, your public schools have the responsibility to give them not only the tools they need to thrive in the world, but also to help them open their eyes to ideas, to always ask "why?" Why does this work? Why is this so? Why not different?

I believe in You

Each of us wants our children to get the most from their schooling; each of us wants our children to be good citizens of Alberta, Canada, and the world; each of us wants our children to be safe; each of us wants our children to find their path, to be good at what they do, and to love the life they build.

I Believe in Me

As a parent, as a technologist, as an advocate for workers' rights, as a communicator, and as someone who is deeply invested in our public schools, I hope to be a voice for the future of our St. Albert Public Schools.

You can learn more about me and about what I believe by visiting

On October 18th, please vote in our municipal election.

St. Albert Public Schools