Bus Pass Application Form

NOTE: Those eligible students who have not submitted their bus pass application by June 1 will not be guaranteed a space on the school bus.


The full amount of the fee is due when the application for the bus pass is submitted. Each eligible student who has submitted an application and the appropriate fee will be issued a personalized bus pass. Passes are non-transferable. Passes will be mailed August 1.


Routes will be created from application forms received by June 1. Individuals submitting application forms after June 1 will be required to access a stop that already exists (stops will not be added to routes after this date).



Please indicate the pickup / drop off location of your child.



Kindergarten Program

Does the student have any medical conditions that the bus driver should be aware of?



Click here to download the Bus Safety Rules.

I have received a copy of the safety rules and will review them with my child.

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FOIP Act Sec 33,2 (a-c): This information is being collected to provide transportation service and grant eligibility under the School Act. Contact the Manager, Transportation Services if you have any questions regarding the collection of this information. Video cameras may be used on school buses for safety and/or discipline purposes.